Meet Our Team


I spend most days on the phone or on my laptop but my real passion is product development so I love nothing more than being in top floor studio. I can be very messy and I have a habit of leaving half drunk cups of coffee around my desk with apple cores and banana skins. I would say that this probably does everyones heads in but screw them - I'm the boss 😉! I am mum to two girls, one wants to be a ballerina while the other wants to be a dragon. When I am not in Born and Bred I am thinking about Born and Bred… or drinking Prosecco with Laurie. 

Operations Manager

Linzi is my big sis and she convinced me to come work for her many moons ago. I am the team pessimist which annoys the hell out of Linzi and since I love annoying my big sis this works out quite well. We have a code word on the shop floor if a conversation turns into a sibling tiff! If you come into the shop and hear the word ‘Pineapple' randomly being used, you know what it’s about. I love to wear black with a hint of flamingo and have worn the same leather jacket for at least ten years.


I officially joined the team last year for admin support and to keep Linzi on track with paperwork but I have been roped in during busy times in the shop for over 3 years now. I am mum to Lucie, Dylan & Lilly, and 3 fur babies, Alfie, Miley & Rocco. I love going for long walks with my dogs, camping with friends, paddle boarding and putting the world to rights with Linzi over one or two glasses of Prosecco. 


I first joined the team back in 2019 and I am the Born and Bred hostess with the mostess - looking after our in store tour experiences. I am the most accident-prone member of our team and when I am not falling down the stairs, I am normally debating what to get for lunch.
I am in my 3rd year of studying fine art at Ulster University, where I am developing my own artist skills and hope to go on to become an art therapist. I am also an abortion rights activist, being the Belfast rep for UU Pro-Choice Society and working with Alliance for Choice to advocate for free, safe, legal, local abortion healthcare here and worldwide.


I joined the team in 2019 and I work on all the creative projects at Born and Bred. I spend most of my time on the top floor in our studio, framing, printing, designing and drawing. As well as being part of the team I also do freelance illustration work and you can even find some of my work in store. I love drinking tea and never sit down when I’m eating my lunch, much to the annoyance of Linzi.

retail manager

I joined the team in 2021 after 10 years in hospitality, but unfortunately I’ve know Linzi & David my whole life & this has made me the main issuer of the word 'Pineapple'. You’ll usually find me on the shop floor tidying, organising & rearranging things, which is a constant job in Born & Bred especially when it comes to picking up Linzi’s half drunk cups of coffee & apple cores 🙄. When I’m not in work you'll find me trying out Belfast's newest restaurants, sharing everything on my food page, The Chef's Missus. I’m a big foodie so I love it when you guys ask for recommendations in the shop!

Retail Assistant

I recently joined the team as a retail assistant after leaving The Refill Quarter. I am a Belfast Girl born & bred, so I know all the best spots around town. On my days off you can normally find me at White's Tavern (Belfast's best pub) or heading to a concert.

Content Manager

My job is to maintain Born and Bred's social media accounts, showing the best we have to offer across all platforms. I have my own podcast which I have been running for the last two years called Supporting Local with Charis where I highlight local businesses, so working with Born & Bred felt like the perfect fit. I am also a massive F1 fan and have recently bought my very first home, so we are in the middle of renovations right now and I can't wait to move in.

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